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Creative mind maps about the cell, its parts, functions, types and much more.

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Discover the 🧠 new mind maps of cell structure and function, find the types of cells with their parts. Each mind map made with an amazing design, full of images and colors. 

The world of microbiology is exciting and very complex, in this new article you can find a mind map of the cell and its organelles with their characteristics. As you will not get in any other website.

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What are mind maps of the cell for? ✍️

  • The mind maps of the cell are an ideal educational resource for students of all levels, for teachers, even for children, so they can better understand everything related to cells and how they are formed. 
  • Mind mapping is an incredible method to develop, study and better understand any subject, no matter how complex it may be. The structure of a mind map greatly facilitates a quick understanding of the information. 
  • The new mind maps of the cell that you will find here, are created with information obtained from serious and verifiable sources, such as Monographs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, updated scientific studies, etc.
  • You can download all the mind maps in high resolution images, to serve as an example and inspiration when creating your own. Help us by sharing this wonderful material with your friends.   

Cell mind map 🧫

In the following mind map of the eukaryotic cell find some of its most important characteristics, contains cell functions, concept, types, cell cycle and cell theory and more. All in one mapping.

Several points that will help you to better understand everything related to the fundamental anatomical unit of living beings, the cell. 

creative mind map of the cell


Nucleus Mind Map 🧬

One of the most notorious parts of the cell is the nucleus. It is the place where most of the genetic material is found. The following mind map of the nucleus contains its characteristics, parts, concept and its main function.     

mind map of the complete cell nucleus

Mental map of cellular respiration ⚡

Cellular respiration is the catabolic process by which the cell obtains energy. Look at the details in the following mind map, the most important points of this important process are developed. 

mind map of cellular respiration with its types and functions


Plant cell mind map 🌵🌳

The following mind map of the cells that make up the plant kingdom with all its parts, with an impressive style, serves as an example to guide you in your homework, you can also download it. Impressive mind map with a luxury finish. 

mind map of the plant cell with its organelles


Animal cell mind map 🦛🧍‍♂

A creative mind map of eukaryotic cell structure and function, plus mention of its most essential functions, filled with many images and colors. 

mental map of the animal cell with its organelles


Mind map of the prokaryotic cell 🔬

The prokaryotic cell makes up all unicellular, microscopic organisms found in all environments. Their main characteristic is that they are made up of a single cell, in addition to the fact that they do not have a defined nucleus. 

In the following example of a mind map of the prokaryotic cell, you will find its types and how they look through a microscope lens, as well as how they feed and reproduce and other important characteristics.  

Mind map of the prokaryotic cell

Mental map of the cancer cell ⚫

Cancer is a terrible disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the Americas, and its rate is expected to increase by 2030. 

Cancer affects the genes that control the growth and division of cells, therefore, if these genes are altered, normal cells begin to mutate and become cancerous and their reproduction goes out of control.

We thought it appropriate to make a mind map of everything related to this disease, how it originates, what are its causes, treatments and other points that are interesting to know.   

Mental map of the cancer cell, causes, consequences, treatments.


Mental map of the cell cycle 🔄

A very complete graphic representation, in addition to the cell cycle can be said to be a mind map of mitosis, meiosis, binary fusion, reproduction and cell division.

The process that it takes for the cell to divide involves a series of phases or steps that you can find in more detail in the following mind map with an amazing design. 

Mental map of the cell cycle with all its phases


Cell theory mind map 📚

It is very interesting to see how creative the elaboration of a mind map can be, and there is no topic that cannot be captured in this wonderful learning tool.

Observe how all those authors who had to do with the cellular theory were included, the contribution of each one of them is mentioned and the photo of each character could not be missing. 

Mental map of cellular theory with all its authors.


This 2022 you have available the new creative mind maps about the cell, its structure and other important aspects, there are nine of them and you have a free download button below each one.