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Concept map template Word free download

Download for free the new and creative concept map templates editable in Word, you can modify all its parts, change colors, size, location, everything you need to adapt them to any topic.

They are templates of semantic networks that will help you relate ideas and concepts, useful for students and teachers, with beautiful and eye-catching designs.

The templates have the correct structure of a real concept map, as recommended by its inventor: Professor Joseph D. Novak.

Get also the new free concept map templates for online editing in Google Docs, with amazing designs.  

What are the advantages of using concept map templates for Word? 

They are an excellent teaching resource, since they are pre-designed and you only have to focus on organizing the information, saving you the time of elaborating the design. 

At first glance, you can see what your concept map will look like, since the templates come with an example structure.   

If we organize information visually, it will be easier to remember and memorize it for a longer time, and the process of doing so is very entertaining. 

👉 Learn how to correctly make a concept map in Word.

Concept map free template with icons

A creative concept map template that makes use of icons to give an extra visual impact to your information, download it and edit it in minutes to have a really lovely result. 

Creative concept map template with icons


Concept map template with dashed line connectors  

A professional template in blue gradient color, which gives you that striking and simple style at the same time. It is the ideal downloadable concept map template you were looking for.  

Concept map template with dashed line connectors

Hierarchical Concept Map Template in Word        

Template with an original look, you will be able to create a very well structured concept map, always taking into account the hierarchy of concepts from the most important and specific, to the most general.  

Concept map template with elegant style


Creative concept map template in Word 

Concept map to edit very nice, is one of the most downloaded models in the previous article, its yellow color with black give it a very striking appearance, highlighting the concepts and their connections, certainly an original design.   

Hierarchical concept map template

Concept map doc format template with beautiful colors   

Microsoft Word allows you to create very nice concept maps, this template is an example of it. You have a very well combined color palette, and in the main nodes you have the possibility of accompanying the word with a related icon.   

Eye-catching color concept map template

Modern concept map template for Word editing             

For its style, it is an ideal template for mapping topics that have to do with technology, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, etc. an original concept map, which will attract the attention of students and teachers.

Creative concept map template with moderna style

Aesthetic concept map template 

The following concept map template for Word presents a refined, clean and tidy appearance. The distribution of the nodes will depend on your creativity in capturing the information, but you can still get an idea with the example image.

Concept map template for technology topics

Concept map doc template with Material Design style

Beautiful concept map inspired by the material design, which composes a good design with the innovation of technology and science. A very nice and functional template, which you can easily modify as you want.

Moderna concept map template

Concept map template graphic organizer

Give a modern and elegant look to your concept map with this template with beautiful nodes with transparent effect, you can change the background and colors to adapt it perfectly to your content. 

Stylish concept map template material Design

Regular Hexagon Concept Map Template   

Regular hexagon shaped nodes, and various types of connecting lines such as dashed, angular arrow and curved, with warm colors, make this template an excellent choice for all kinds of short or long topics.

Regular hexagon concept map template

Classic Concept Map Word Template       

Genuine looking concept map template, color gradient is implemented in the nodes to subtly make the hierarchy noticeable. Effectively organize your content in this multi-level template.     

Classic concept map template

Professionally styled concept map template Microsoft Word 

Download and edit this excellent template with well combined colors, create a concept map with impeccable style, capture your ideas, concepts, tasks and any project you want to highlight in an original way.   

Professional style concept map template

Simple Concept Map Word Template   

Beautiful concept map with a classic look, ideal for topics with a lot of theory, which requires a little more seriousness in the design. Efficiently organize your knowledge in this template.    

Blank concept map template to fill

Lettering concept map template for editing in Word

As if it were a handmade template, with that natural style of lettering, you have this model to download and present your homework, you will surely draw attention, you can also use it as a concept map template for children. 

Lettering concept map template

Concept map template with colored circles in Word

Beautiful editable concept map with nodes in the form of circles, you can also add icons to give it a striking appearance, try not to put too much text in the circles as they are not efficient for it.   

Concept map template with colored circles

Concept map template for long topics 

Free concept map template ideal for large themes, it allows you to add a lot of text in its nodes without leaving aside its nice appearance.

Concept map template for long topics

Capsule Shape Concept Map Doc Template

Nice creative concept map with capsule shape nodes, a very used figure in these schemes. Ideal template where you can contrast two concepts, one in each color and see the cool result you will get.    

Capsule Shape concept map template

Genuine concept map template for Word 

A simple template, which facilitates the schematic representation of a set of conceptual meanings, will allow you to have your concept map ready in a matter of minutes.

Simple concept map template

Creative concept map template with gradient line connectors

Graphically represent your content in this beautiful and colorful creative template. If necessary, you can add images or icons in the circles to reinforce the information and meaningful learning. 

Concept map template with degraded line connectors

Creative concept map template to fill out in Word        

The following template highlights the hierarchy of the main concepts through the use of colors, leaving the second level or less general concepts blank. There are four main concepts, you can add or delete as required. 

Creative concept map template to fill in

Concept map template sequential form  

The distribution of the template below facilitates the narrative of some topics, although if you like its appearance, you know that its modification is possible in all its elements, and you can change the structure as you see fit.

Sequential narrative organization concept map template

Creative and beautiful concept map template

I couldn't think of another name for this template, I think it's the most appropriate for how it looks, its different colors and a space to place an image related to the mapped topic is great, it has all the potential for you to make a brilliant concept map. 

Creative and beautiful concept map template

Mixed concept map template

A template that combines several important aspects in the graphical representation of knowledge, perfect for the teacher to teach and for students to learn.

It has a great design, with features that make it very useful for mapping all kinds of topics.  

Mixed concept map template

Color-coded concept map template

A concept map template with linear structure, which allows you to represent the information in order when you are clear about the sequence of concepts. 

Again, all the templates present a structure as an example and you do not necessarily have to elaborate your concept map exactly as they are designed, be creative.

Concept map template sorted by colors

Word template of concept map with rectangles   

Practical template to develop your creative concept map quickly, the design highlights the nodes and their texts, you can easily make a comparison or contrast between two topics.

Black and white concept map template

Spider concept map template for editing in Word 

Create a beautiful spider structure concept map in the following template, it has a space in the four main nodes to add an icon and customize the information even better.   

Spider - type concept map template

Concept map template with original design 

We have many concept map templates that will allow you to map any information efficiently, this template shows an orderly structure with a beautiful design, you can add icons or images in the lower circles that will help you to better define the concepts.          

Concept map template with original design

Simple concept map template

Free Microsoft Word concept map template with a simple look, add or remove nodes, modify their positions according to your ideas and shape the concepts. 

Simple - looking concept map template

Free concept map template doc with colored lines                          

Beautiful free concept map template with colored lines in the nodes, order efficiently and refined any content, you also have a space to place an image related to the subject.     

Concept map template with colored lines

Word template of concept map with creative design 

With a colored background that highlights your concepts, lines and linking words, you have at your disposal this template with fresh style to create a creative concept map, complete and correctly. Make the most of this educational material and shine in your assignments. 

Concept map template with innovative design

Versatile Concept Map Template with Icons 

Shocking concept map for its creative design, allows you to add icons or images and a good amount of text, it is easy to customize, download it and check it out.

Versatile concept map template with icons


Concept map template with dark background

Concept map template doc with modern design, its colors in lines and nodes stand out for its dark background, I have no doubt that it will be one of the most downloaded.

Moderna concept map template with dark background

Concept map template with creative design in Word   

Printable concept map template, has an elegant style and visually very attractive, capture your ideas and concepts in this unique semantic network.  

Concept map template with creative design

Concept map template with images              

If you like to add images to your concept maps download this free template, replace the sample images, place your text and you will quickly have your concept map ready.

Concept map template with images

Concept map template word document 

A free concept map with fresh and original design, nice graphic organizer template that you will not find anywhere else, watch and imagine you information emptied in this template.  

Creative concept map template

Concept map template in Word with creative design  

A unique semantic map template, it has a modern style node design, apply the colors according to the theme and get the best out of this educational resource.    

Concept map template in Word with creative design


Concept map doc template for large topics.   

Simple format, which also implements the use of icons to visually map your information. It is a template optimized to make the handling of connecting lines easier and the nodes support a large amount of text. 

Concept mapping templates for long topics

Vertical concept map template in Word 

The following template features a vertical orientation, has a varied color palette and circular nodes, its yellow background makes the whole structure stand out even more.      

Vertical concept map template

You have many beautiful concept map templates to download for free. A great variety of practical templates, which will help you in the realization of your concept mapping. In an easy, fast way and with a beautiful result.