Concept map of environmental pollution and its types ▷ Free download


Concept map of environmental pollution and its types

Discover and download the new concept maps on environmental pollution and its types: water, soil and air. A conceptual map of each, detailing its main causes and consequences.

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Environmental pollution caused by anthropological factors, that is, by human activities, cause great damage and alterations to water, soil and air.

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As a result, we have mainly climate change, degradation of the ozone layer, diseases, food shortages, more devastating and frequent meteorological phenomena, affecting human, animal and plant life on a large scale.

Conceptual map types of environmental pollution 🌏

A very complete conceptual map with six types of pollution according to the area they affect, it specifies where they come from and what their effects on human health and ecosystem, in addition to a general concept and the actions we must take to reduce and counteract the consequences.

Conceptual map types of environmental pollution

Water pollution concept map 💧

It is defined as the accumulation of substances foreign to water, populating it with viruses, bacteria, parasites, fertilizers, drugs, phosphates, plastics, waste, etc.generating great consequences for marine life, plants and people.

Beautiful and creative concept map on water pollution. The precious liquid indispensable for life, in contrast, when contaminated becomes dangerous for consumption and use.

Conceptual map of water pollution with its causes and consequences.

Soil Pollution Concept Map 🌱

The contaminated soil becomes infertile, loses its quality and degrades in such a way that it may take many years to be restored, or, in the worst case, it may never be suitable for planting again due to the high contamination rates.

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Conceptual map of soil contamination, its causes and effects.

Air pollution Concept map ☁

Air pollution is mainly caused by human activity, such as: burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas). In the industrial and transport sectors.

These gases incorporate toxic particles in the air that generate a series of phenomena and consequences for ecosystems and living beings on our planet.

Look at the following creative conceptual map of air pollution, and follow the concepts related by colored arrows, find definition, most common polluting gases and their main focuses.

Concept map of air pollution, its causes and effects.


Conceptual map of the environment 🌎

We have heard it said - The environment is everything that surrounds us - although it is true, we know that it needs a deeper definition.

Environmental pollution refers to the presence of harmful components, either chemical, physical or biological, that alter the natural state of water, soil and air. Producing great damage affecting the health, well-being or survival of biodiversity or in general.

Look at the following conceptual map where this concept is developed, its definition and what are the elements by which it is formed.

creative and amazing Conceptual map of the environment

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