Circulatory System Concept Map | Free Download

Circulatory System Concept Map

We continue with the exciting task of conceptually mapping all the devices and systems of the human body, today I bring you a concept map of the cardiovascular system, with the most important concepts or points, its functions, parts into which it is divided, and other interesting things.   

You have the option to download the image for free in high definition, to serve as a guide or inspiration when making your own concept map of the circulatory system with its parts and functions.       

Concept maps will help you a lot in understanding any topic, by making associations of concepts through linking words, it will be easy to remember and memorize the information.

How to make a concept map of the circulatory system? 

Circulation in our body occurs mainly by the heart pumping, propelling the blood, which is transported and distributed through the blood vessels to all the organs of the body, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the different cells.

With this brief concept as an introduction of what the cardiovascular system is, I would like to help you in the elaboration of a conceptual map with some simple tips that you should take into account.  

✅ First of all, it is necessary to read the information to identify the relevant points, which you consider should be mapped. Example: Parts, functions, definition, relationship between organs...

✅ The important concepts should always be placed in a hierarchical way in the first place, and be disaggregated in the following second level concepts.  

✅ Use colors in the lines and nodes, this will help you to associate the concepts faster at first sight, besides it gives a creative and striking touch to your map.   

✅ No concept map should be the same as another, even if they are about the same topic, that does not mean you did it wrong. Important

Finally, take a closer look at the following concept map to get ideas on how to start.

Conceptual Map of the Circulatory System, parts and functions

Conceptual Map of the Circulatory System, parts and functions


Conceptual map of the heart 

I decided to make a concept map about the human heart, since it is the main organ of the circulatory system, its vital function of pumping blood throughout the body, I found it an interesting information to map.    

As you can see in the mapping, you can see how its cavities are divided, the name and location of the heart valves, its capabilities, and some details that I consider important to better understand its functioning.

Conceptual map of the heart

Conceptual map of blood 

Blood is the liquid that runs throughout the body, carrying all the elements necessary for the vital functions of the organism. Its characteristic red color is due to the presence of the hemoglobin pigment contained in the red blood cells. 

The following conceptual map of blood shows the most important aspects of its composition. Undoubtedly, blood is an important element in the cardiovascular system.

Conceptual map of the heart


We will continue to add more concept maps of systems and apparatus of the human body, for now, I hope this resource will help you to have a clearer idea of how to make a concept map correctly.

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