ChatGPT Mind Map | Free Download

Mind Map about ChatGPT, with its concept, functions, and uses.

 In this post, I will show you how to create a mind map about ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence model that can generate texts in Spanish in a natural and coherent way.

I will give you some tips and examples so that you can design your own mind map with ease and success, which can help you for your studies, your work or some personal project.

ChatGPT is a model based on GPT-3, which was developed by OpenAI and is considered the most advanced in the field of natural language processing. ChatGPT was adapted to Spanish by the Spanish company Prompsit, using a corpus of more than 100 billion words extracted from the web.

How to make a mind map about ChatGPT?

To create the mind map about ChatGPT, I have used the iMindMap program from Buzanlat, which is a very intuitive and easy to use application. The mind map has the following structure:

✅ The central topic is the logo of ChatGPT, on a 3D figure, I have assigned it the green background color and the text in white at the top.

✅ From the central topic, four main subtopics branch out: What is it?, How does it work?, What is it for? and How do you use it? Each subtopic has a different color and an allusive image.

✅ Each subtopic is divided in turn into several secondary subtopics, which contain more specific and detailed information about the model. For example, in the subtopic What is it?, it explains that ChatGPT is a natural language model, that is based on artificial intelligence and on the GPT-3 model.  

✅ It is necessary to get images that relate and help explain the secondary subtopics.

The final result is as follows:

ChatGPT mind map


It is a simple mind map, that can give a general and easy understanding of a topic so complex and interesting at the same time. I hope you like it and it helps you.