How to make a beautiful and authentic mind map? according to Tony Buzan

How to make a beautiful and authentic mind map? according to Tony Buzan

When you finish reading this post, you will learn how to create an authentic and creative mind map, easily and quickly. And best of all, following all the recommendations of Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping.   

In just a few steps, you will be able to capture your ideas and thoughts in a visual form, much more attractive and dynamic, fostering creativity and learning.

Learn how to make a creative mind map in Word in a few simple steps, with amazing results. 💥

What is a Mind Map?

It is a graphic technique that allows us to organize and capture our thoughts in a visual way by means of a natural radiating structure, similar to a tree, where the use of words, colors, shapes and drawings are fundamental. 

This structure starts with a central image, from which branches are the most important topics, and from these main branches, smaller branches, which represent the complementary concepts. 

Benefits of using mind maps 

There are many advantages of using mind mapping in different areas of our life, here are some important ones.

  • It is a tool applicable to personal, professional, business and educational areas.
  • They help to memorize better and faster a lot of information, reduced in a single outline.
  • Promotes creativity, mental agility, information analysis, allowing to obtain new ideas.
  • It is a more stimulating and motivating way of learning than through traditional note-taking methodologies.
  • Its non-linear format gives us full freedom in its creation.
  • Something very important is that mind maps can be read and understood by ourselves as well as by others. It does not matter if they have no knowledge of mind mapping. 

Steps to make a genuine mind map 

Tony buzan himself uses the analogy of a tree to explain the structure of a mind map, because who doesn't know what a tree looks like?  

The trunk is the most important part of a tree, from which branches grow and from which, in turn, other small and thin branches grow successively.

1. A central image 

Always start with a central image, and accompany it with the concept or word of the subject to map.
It does not matter if the image is digital or drawn. You do not need to have drawing skills to create a good mind map.

First step to make an authentic mind map

2. The first thick branches radiating from the central image

These branches should be accompanied by important keywords related to the main subject. 
It is better that the shapes of the branches are organic with natural curves, they are more pleasant for our brain. 

It is necessary, put a different color to each branch, if possible, accompany it with an image or symbol, icons and photos. It doesn't matter if you do it later, you could even get inspired later and fill them.

second step in making an authentic mind map
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3. Secondary branches 

From the main branches the secondary branches are derived, these represent the complementary concepts, you can also use only an image in case it is more efficient and perfectly understandable without using a word.

Sometimes you may have to create third level branches, as shown in the example of this post.

third step for making an authentic mind map

Final result

As a result, I leave you with a dynamic image showing all the steps to make a creative mind map in the right way. 

How to make an authentic mind map according to Tony Buzan

You can 👉 download the mind map in high resolution to use it as an example in your creations.

Recommendations to help you start creating a mind map like an expert

  • The paper, sheet or work area is best used horizontally, and you must be sure to have enough space to capture all your ideas. 
  • After reading the information on the topic to be mapped, take note of the main, secondary and third level concepts on a separate sheet of paper. This will help you to better associate the concepts of the main branches with the secondary ones.  
  • It is not necessary to finish the map once you have started. Sometimes, finishing it later or the next day will greatly help you to have new ideas and correct mistakes that you may not have detected before. 
  • If you are going to do the mind map on your computer, you can help yourself with predesigned templates or programs specially designed for thought mapping. 
  • If possible, use one word for each branch, since they are more effective than a complete sentence. 
  • Draw a maximum of seven (7) main branches, more than seven could confuse your mind map and make it difficult to understand. 

I sincerely hope to help you with this post, that when you finish reading it you will be able to make a nice mind map easily. If it is the case, I would appreciate you to share it with your friends, that way we can help each other. 😊